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LIVE365 is an Internet radio broadcasting and listening network where users are able to create their own online radio stations, or choose to listen to thousands of human curated stations created by people from around the globe.

An angry customer mentioned, "I’m a longtime fan of live365. I had a station with them for years until they went out of business. Now that they’ve returned, I’m enjoying having a station with them once more. All of that said, this download for Alexa is a flat out joke. Like nearly every user that has left a review, I discovered quickly that this simply doesn’t work. Every time I asked to play my station it would only load a different one. Every single time. I do find it interesting that the station the app launched rather than mine happens to be one of live365’s featured stations. I’ll let you decide if that is something more than a strange coincidence. It’s ironic that an app like this is designed to make listening to live365 easier but instead will almost certainly send potential listeners off to other music providers. Don’t download this. It’s shoddy work and hopefully not a sign of where this company is heading."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"CEO is the worst person to be heading a streaming music platform"

Middle Manager says

"There was no vision, no leadership. The people that were selected to be the CEO of the company were incompetent. They had no idea of the power of the digital space that we were operating in. They didn't even use the product and really had no idea what the company did. They would impose stupid work guidelines and make unrealistic demands on staff members. The work environment could best be described as toxic. There was a lot of yelling, finger-pointing and blaming. It was always a blessing when the CEO was not in the office because of back problems or because he was flying around the world spending the company's money on his own whims. The company did not close down because of higher licensing costs, but rather to the mismanagement of the company's funds."

Employee says

"Lack of business direction and afraid of revenue commitment on business proposals."


"After new Ceo joined, the company did worse than ever until it finally shut down."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management did not communicate what the vision was for the company. Projects took so long to complete, then abandoned, and moved on to another project."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Well.. We all just got laid off so there is that... What led to one of the first and premier online radio companies to fold? Lack of vision, paranoia, horrendous CEO leadership -- just to name a few."

Current Employee - Senior SalesExecutive says

"Too many to list other than a very corrupt company that discriminates."

Former Employee - Employee says

"They don't really care about technology, and worse their knowledge of it is outdated so I don't see any chance of them surviving in their current space. They're dead in the water! Management is completely clueless. Every department is like the blind leading the blind and the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing. Tech projects are poorly conceived and even more poorly defined by people who don't understand the technology at play. Whats worse is that there is absolutely zero transparency and everything is micro managed by the wrong people. Company morale and culture is very poor. Working for Live365 will make you feel like an underachiever because management doesn't know what to do with your talents. Its a dead-end career with no real opportunity for advancement or setting yourself apart in the tech space. Working here will make you feel like your career is being lead straight into the dumpster by a bunch of donkeys (I'm sorry, but it is true). Please, if you have any talent or career aspirations I beg of you, DO NOT WORK HERE. Live365 will not survive, they will go out of business."

Former Employee - Administrative says

"Management is a joke. The CEO's way of "motivation" is threatening to fire people. He never responded to email or even used it. What kind of CEO of a TECH company doesn't use email?! The over all atmosphere is severely depressing. Everyone is constantly saying, I gotta get out of here."


"Corporate feel...upper Mgt too good for others, morale is lousy, very dry hard, but Not play hard environment."

Marketing Executive (Former Employee) says

"company closed due to bad management and misguided CEO. Could have been one of the strongest influences in the music business of today but would not listen to the industries best advisers.internet radiobad management"

Senior Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Co-workers are nice, the direction of the company is promising"

brown058 says

"The people that work there have no clue how to fix issues. Their technology is 2nd class. The only thing that is of value is the fact your compliant "

Shaun says

"I was all set to get my Part 15 FM station streamed online but come to find out you cannot air syndicated programs and the only handle royalties for when you station is in automation with just a playlist of music BUT they do not handle royalties for songs played on Syndicated programming. IMPLEMENT A FEATURE LIVE365 TO ALLOW SYNDICATED PROGRAMS NOT A GOOD BUSINESS MODEL MIGHT NOT USE THEM AGAIN"

Suzie says

"The experience with this company was unacceptable. Our station never worked/played and continued to be delisted regardless of all the measures we took to correct any problems. Hours of effort wasted. Service never delivered as promised. And technical support never assisted. Stay away and save your money!"

Michael Saya says

"Emailed them for technical assistance. No phone support. It had now been 16 days and no response. They have a history of taking forever to answer emails. I stopped my broadcast, blocked my credit card and moved to shoutcast. This company is a complete joke!!!!!"

Cuban Vacations says

"For a good while I had a station w Live 365. The product is good, but they are a perfect example of company that does not want to work for its money. They want everything automated and on their terms. Sad to see a good product miss out on many sales simple because of arrogance. I had someone hack into my bank acct and needed to wait on a new debit card no. TWO different people sent me different messages, one saying it's OK, we will wait a week to bill, the other saying, your acct is being cancelled. So my acct got cancelled, 2 days later the new card came in the mail...but I WANTED TO ASK QUESTIONS about UPGRADING to a bigger package...they HAVE NO PHONE SUPPORT, I do not have time to go back/forth for 3 days while all my questions are asked/answered. The problem is that the Income Statement does not show SALES MISSED. They could be doing a lot more business. Another example of technology getting in the way of business." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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